Daftar Situs Judi Book Review 

The daftar situs judi (DSJ) is really a story about two sisters that both love daisies. They wish to truly have the same taste and only go on the daisies that their mother has chosen for them. They will then determine who will win in the bout of the daisies.

The DSJ is placed in a town of Dutch origins. The story involves both sisters, that are both highly intelligent. The main theme of the story is the origin of the daisies and the ensuing rivalry. There are also some historical facts and some unusual twists and turns that can be found through the story. I came across myself thoroughly enjoying the storyline and wished that I’d read the book sooner.

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The main reason that I enjoyed the story was the reader’s ability to watch the sisters grow closer as they try to work out how to have their parents to greatly help them choose their own daisies. As their efforts continue, so does the reader’s ability to feel the strain and to see both sisters discover who is right and who is wrong. The main plot of the story was indeed centered on historical facts.

Whilst the reader has been introduced for their members of the family and others, the reader will feel linked to the sisters and their experiences. The characters and events that occur in the story were well planned out. The characters’relationships with each other and their members of the family were all well developed. The reader surely could empathize with each character’s struggle and surely could relate to their personalities and reactions.

The story itself was exciting, even when I didn’t understand the whole thing at first. The writing style was similar to some sort of nature writing. The facts and illustrations through the story were enough to keep me interested and keepme reading. The story line involved plenty of action, while the sisters accept the work of picking out daisies for their mother to plant.

The entire impression that I got out of this book was certainly one of a tale that has been light and humorous. The characters seemed real and their conflicts were real. One of the very most interesting components of the story is that all the characters had their own story and each had their own motivations. The sister who was simply diagnosed with Down syndrome while writing the DSJ will likely come across while the narrator’s voice, as she is apparently the one which mainly writes to the readers.

I have not read any of the DSJ books, but I have read the Daftar Toodi trilogy. In the book “Sitis Judi” I was most interested in the second novel, “Toodi “.The 2nd book is more of a heart of the street book. It’s not the most effective book by any means, nonetheless it did leave me wanting to learn the next book, that has been entitled “Toodi II: The Daisies Have Come Back “.

Overall, I would recommend Daftar Situs Judi to anybody who enjoys a lively book that’s light on description and yet is packed with vivid descriptions of life. The DSJ series is not at all for everybody, but if you can get past the first book, you will enjoy it. If you are interested in reading another DSJ book, browse the next book, titled Toodi II: The Daisies Have Come Back.